Armorer Convention

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Armorer Convention
Level: 26, 29
Difficulty: hard (includes CPK)
Zones: The City of Medievia, The Fire Giants' Keep, New Ashton, Demonforge
Total Time: 7 hours


to find Orak the smithy (30 minutes)

In Med City. From recall, enter warrior, then go S, S, S, W.

to find Lan the Warlock (30 minutes)

In Trellor, on the north part of Merchant Circle. From recall, go 5N, 4E, N.

to find a fire giant weaponsmaster (2 hours)

In Fire Giants' Keep. From entrance, go U, all S, E, all S, E (yes for CPK), all E, 11N, all W, 2N, W.

to find Bruno (30 minutes)

In New Ashton. From western entrance, go 2E, 2N, 3E, N.

to find the blacksmith (30 minutes)

In Derah. From recall, go 5W, S, E.

to find Rornuk, the black-skinned smith (3 hours)

In Demonforge. See the walkthrough for how to find Demonforge. Note: this step can be nearly impossible solo, depending where entrance is.