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These scripts are for MudMaster. All of these scripts are legal, but some are only legal if you aren't AFK or if other conditions hold. Do not post illegal scripts here, they ruin the game anyway.

How to Upload a Script[edit]

  1. Open this link in a new tab: Upload your script (max 2MB size)
    1. Click "Choose File", and pick your script file to upload
    2. Ignore everything else and click "Upload File" at the bottom
    3. When the upload is complete, you will be redirected to a page that has a URL like:
    4. Copy the bold part to clipboard:
    5. If you're having trouble finding your uploaded file on the wiki, use this link to see a list of recently uploaded files.
  2. On this page, add a new link to your script. Full link example: [[|Fae Orb Calculator]]
    1. Click Edit
    2. On a new line at the bottom, type * [[Media:
    3. Hit Ctrl-V to paste your file url
    4. Now type "|" followed by a suitable description for your script, e.g. |Fae Orb Calculator
    5. , then type ]] to finish the wiki link.
    6. Your full link should look like [[|Fae Orb Calculator]]
    7. At the bottom, click Preview, try clicking the link, it should go to the script
    8. At the bottom, click Save Page
    9. Double check that your new link works! Thanks for uploading!


  • Shipping - a simple ship script. Tells you how much to turn, countdown timers on your guns, etc. Set up to work entire ship from keypad. DO NOT SAVE PROFILES with this script loaded. It completely remaps keypad and adjusts some commands.
C-7 : fire lb t
C1: fire lb b
C8: fire b
C9: fire sb t
C3: fire sb b
C2: fire st (t+b)
C5: check your guns
5: ship map
kp+: ship status
C0: ship lash 0
Ckp+: ship helm
c6: turn +11 degrees for every time pressed. timeout of 1 second.
c4: turn -11 degrees for every time pressed. timeout of 1 second
  • Spider Reps for Chat
    • Note: for this file to work, your Med prompt must be set to #b(#x&h#b/&Hhp #x&m#b/&Mm #x&v#b&umv #x&b#b&ubr#b) (#m&k#b) (#w&FS&FV&FQ&FF&FI&FP&FM&FB#b) (&R)
bson: turns on just bsreps
bsoff: turns off just bsreps
combaton: turns on just combat reps (trip, bash, spell, etc)
combatoff: turns off just combat reps
repson: turns on all reps
repsoff: turns off all reps
  • CPK Guard
    • Expects prompt to be #b(#x&h#b/&Hhp #x&m#b/&Mm #x&v#b&umv #x&b#b&ubr#b) (#m&k#b) (#w&FS&FV&FQ&FF&FI&FP&FM&FB#b) (&R)
    • Works while hidden in CPK
t1 %0 - sets target 1 to %0
t2 %0 - sets target 2 to %0
t3 %0 - sets target 3 to %0
t %0 - sets current active target to %0
at1 %0 - sets attack 1 to %0. (for example bs, trip, c mag, etc)
at2 %0 - sets attack 2 to %0
at3 %0 - sets attack 3 to %0
autotargeton - turns on autotarget, which sets target 3 to last person to stab you or mal you. Useful for some quests, but not really that great. requires spiderreps
autotargetoff - turns off autotarget
kp+ - cycles targets
kp0 - attack 1 current target
kp1 - attack 2 current target
kp3 - attack 3 current target
Note: people can easily write their own aliases or macros for triggering attacks. For example:
/alias {k1}{$attack1 $curtarg)
/macro {f1}{$attack2 $curtarg}
help command: arrowhelper
If the notification on the status bar (below where you type) is in a bad position, you can set the starting position: /var {arrowhelperBaritemStartPosition} {1}, change 1 to something like 30 or 50, then run createArrowHelperBaritems to move the baritems to new position.