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--Pode Page-- First of all to start the run you need to go to south ent into cpk and walk around collecting the roots on the ground. Gnarled root of deadwood tree is key others u can just eat to get rid of them.

Then you need a costume approx dirs from cpk ent 2n w n w n w all n w all n all w(through 2 illus exits otw) s, 2w, s. Go in there and "talk priestess i am here to help you", she will give you costume now back track almost to zone ent, dirs from zone ent to next part are 2n w n 4w(this is !mob room btw) unlock west and wear costume before you move w or you will be ported out of the zone(only the form leader needs to wear costume to bring whole form in). I suggest when you are leading this you do this part on your own and have form wait at prompt then have them solo because otherwise the vines will trip everyone up at random and get whole form engaged, so just get to !mob room and tell form to solo 2n w n 4w and follow you. Then all west til locked door, you can remove costume for now, north all w shield room and c str. There are 2 mobs south Ayura and Xia both are disable, I usually hands them and blind one of them it doesn't matter which cos you need to ice them both(unless it quaked but I will come back to that). As a general rule it's best not to room spell in this area because there are super hiddens that if hit, fireshield every mob in the room(you can faerie fog b4 hand and see if the salamanders are there but trust me it's jus best to do one at a time). Ice them both and loot then unlock harp o harp get all harp. then n, 2e, s, shield room if any agro mobs here just ice them(but don't room!). Unlock west and blind asuti then flee and your next target west is foleus, remember to hands in case he's formed to asuti, iceshielded mob isn't too tough, loot. From foleus e, s, trap here open west and lure chupa east( for peace of mind u can trap e and 2 e and sit form 2e so chup has 2 room of traps to hit) then go ice rynitia or w/e its called and loot. Added (04 Dec 2012, 5:44 PM)

Ok the next part you need to go to west entrance so have one person stay in zone while the rest get inside the west ent to prevent zone from popping etc. Have them go 1e inside w ent and shield room, in case gardener walks in. Once form is ready get fireball gloves on cos the next 7 mobs are weak to fire(trust me I tested it). Go s, recite sheet and a spirit will appear dis it and fireball firestorm w/e, when it dies get fragment on ground. 1e repeat, 1e repeat, 1e repeat, 2n repeat 1w repeat, 2w repeat. You should have seven fragments(you can't dis the 2 fireshielded spirits).

Now from west ent all east open door all e search 2s, e, buy heart, s all e past door, shield room, if mobs in this room go 1w etc. Have form tick and port out go through south ent and get costume and go to butler room with costume on form is 3s of u go grab them and take them past butler 1w, wear normal eq and c str again(I hear there is a way to do this without leader porting and getting costume again but I don't know it).


Up all s, shield room, solo on and trap north then all north search (no key), vond loads in this 2x2 area, missile it and run back to form, it breaks traps so be quick when you see it trap run 2n and shield room, then back to form have staves ready and a cleric ready to shared ideally. Vond is a ho and fucks you up, however, the heart should be held at all times ideally by form leader to prevent you being doomed, when you engage vond use held vond while holding heart and it will stop it proccing for 1-2 rounds, if it misses(she scoffs) it has a short wait time to re use, if it hits you will notice cos it gives an obvious message I forget what, then you can't re use for 2-3 rounds, so use it often but don't spam cos it's annoying :p. Anyway I recommend faerie fog in this room and make sure no salamanders because you will need to room when vond ports. If there are salas jus do this but everyone 1 e of here, or wherever it's not a big area. so jus pound it, she will port at pretty awful or there about and when she does 3 griffons will appear, blockers but not too tough, ice them then search one of there corpses to get a claw, jus sac corpse til u can't sac one to find out which one has it. She also drops a key on the floor when she ports so grab that. 1.vond done!!!

Spiritic note: Apparently Griffons that 1.vond spawns on port do not infact have a key. ->> TO UPDATE -> griffon claw drops from 2.vond griffons, and used as comp for key when you buy key in west ent.

Added (04 Dec 2012, 5:45 PM)


Assuming you are in the room i recommended go 1n, all w, 1n, shield room, w of here is 2.vond. Same deal as 1.vond except that they nerfed it so she now starts at grimaces as opposed to full so it's easy, make her port, unlock pulpit open pulpit get all pulpit(you don't neeed to make her port if you are just doing tuft, jus do the pulpit part and leave her be). Now have 1 person stay in zone here while the rest get inside west entrance, once all gathered inside west ent go all e, 2s, e buy key,w,n,search, down(POINT A), get shim pile,2n,e,hold shim,pry tile, s(!mob room). Ok this is just for a tuft run, down from here in the cpk area just like nem lord !magic most mobs break traps so I don't usually bother trapping shit, but I know some people stil ike to so your choice, find nalfia stabbers go hp mode and stab it, fshielded and lots of agro mobs chances are you will die once or twice so have cleric ready with ben, when nalfia dies its slippery key so whoever got it from down go all e 1n search e e s s d w w d(High movement rooms !sneak and agro mobs I recommend an alias for this part because if you flee chances are you will hit deathtrap and it's jus a pain in the ass, need to have someone summon you out from outside the zone or just die and come back, anyway alias I made works 90% of the time: /al {phoenix} {down;yy;chug jug;e;e;n;chug jug;chug jug;e;chug jug;e;s;chug jug;chug jug;s;chug jug;d;chug jug;w;chug jug

w;chug jug;d} and good luck). When you get there it's 2x2 area i recommend faerie fog to find out where the super hiddens are and lure phoenix to a room without them cos it likes to blind you and it's handy to be able to room. Isn't too tought plague ice. Ok that is your run done if you are just doing tuft.


From POINT A above go all s, all e, unlock e and vond is in the 2x2 area e. Can try to lure it however you see fit but like 2.vond it was nerfed and starts half dead so jus pound it, same deal with heart. Once it's dead the pouch on her has vials one of which is a striking vial the others are the cure for doom which you pass out to form, vond can load pretty meh eq 5dr legs or hp inf cler legs(best I've seen is 35/2 but it's usually 10/2), several other doors around just unlock and look at the mobs, nothing worthwhile imo, muffle prof robe an item that casts fale foot 1 charge etc, just useless shit really. Also the door you unlock for 3.vond you can search here for hidden s, all w mob loads hp/mana cleric quiver.

Think that's everything. Not really worth running past tuft and doesn't give very many eq pts either, I heard from Seraphyr a while ago that it's going to be revamped but I doubt that will happen anytime soon

Simple Tuft Walkthrough

1. get root as above 2. get costume 3. probably dont' need to do Ayura which gives music sheets for ghosts which get heart, since you can skip heart and do 1.vond directly 4. ice Xia for key (skip Ayura) 5. ice Foleus for, mithril key on a length of chain, used from staircase 2w 1n for search (pulpit west from search) 6. Rynthia loads coathanger - used to search all east from West entrance 7. ice 1.vond, as above 8. ignore 2.vond, and get pulpit key -> silk tome 9. Silk tome used to search to open down, W N of the 'buy key' mob 10. d from silk tome search, get shim pile as above 11. ice nalfia as above 12. ice phoenix as above if tufts loaded

Open questions

When unlocking 3.vond, i.e. unl door east, you search south to an eq mob with cleric quiver. Zocuten says that this search is unlocked, but it was locked when we tried it and unsure of key. HARP from case unlocks it. Scry Mias/Darfen who are behind this locked door. - locked search on north balcony in east side. -> LEADS to 1.vond area, another way to reach it. How to unlock this?? This may prevent you from having to ice Xia and Foleus.

c loc wristcuff

EQ list Vondarkla an ivory and bamboo bracelet - emage edrain bracelet a pale lotus flower - nothing, just a flower a stained leather pouch - 10 stones waist - contains striking potion and blood potion to cure doom the scourge of Vondarkla - 6d7 thief/war long weapon some patent leather greaves - DARK - ~5 hp/ 2 infl_cleric legs, !G garter - 5dr/-hp thief legs - DARK Phoenix relic of immolation - mage lvl 27 - dark tuft - can load 0/1/2 - dark Captive ?? on Ground in Captive's cell a spiked wristcuff - c loc wristcuff - max we've seen: 5dr/0ss/-4mana Dach ?? On Ground in Dach's cell ?? Mias a gossamer dancing dress - Lev(28) Loc(about) AG AN AM AT AC noegg hps(20) hr(2) dr(1) Cond(pristine - 185 Days) Darfen a spectral quiver of the Lunar Dragon - Lev(28) Loc(about) AW AM AT fragile hps(15) mana(24) Cond(pristine - 185 Days) Kleo a gryphon's-crest sword a heavy jar of bath salts Lakla a blue and gold robe of the Lunar Dragon - Lev(26) Loc(body) AG AN AW AM AT nodrop fragile nounegg mana(40) ss(-1) SKL/SPL: Muffle (proficiency manacost +12%) Cond(pristine - 176 Days) Nyat ?? Kelent a pewter pendant of the Lunar Dragon Draeth an embroidered shroud of the Blue Moon a small sphere wrapped in the flesh of the undead, attached to a stick