Misty Isle

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Misty Isle
Designer: Ardothica
Rooms: 116
Re-Pop Time: 30 mins
PK Type: CPK
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Directions to Zone[edit]

Explore Walkthrough[edit]

 Exploration designer: Celylia
 Max XP: 25,000,000
 Suggested Level: 
 In the first area find a siren and 'look eyes' this will teleport you to a new area, down from this room is the cpk area
         - Bring peace to the souls
         - Bring peace to the souls
         - Bring peace to the souls
         - Discover if the ripened silverfruit has any magic properties
         - Pay a visit to Sivenna, queen of the syrens
         - Recover the pieces of the crown
         - Return the pieces to Queen Sivenna and claim your reward


 a shimmering white gown - Lev(0) Loc(body) AW AT AC mana(19) armor(-33) Boat item

Additional Notes[edit]