New Genesia

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New Genesia
Designer: Shalafi/Kithario
Rooms: 96
Re-Pop Time: 20 mins
PK Type: LPK
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Explore Walkthrough[edit]

Explore Notes[edit]

 Exploration designer: Zuasha
 Max XP: 8,000,000
 Suggested Level: 
 Note: this zone has it's own recall "Atop a Stone Pillar"
 Visit the hermit Figgen, who might have something to assist you
   - From "Atop a Stone Pillar" d,4e,2s,w	
 Find a room sometimes filled with items from all over Medievia
   - From "Atop a Stone Pillar" d,w,n,d,
 Visit the thieves' guild
 Visit the clerics' guild
   - From "Atop a Stone Pillar" 4n,2w,s,w
 Visit the mages' guild
 Visit the warriors' guild
 Weaken the Dark Army
   - kill 5 of "An aspiring warlock"
 Weaken the Dark Army
   - kill 7 of "A warrior of the Dark Army"
 Weaken the Dark Army
   - From "Atop a Stone Pillar" d,4s,4w,n,e to "Towne Prison" loot key 
   - kill 2 of "A guard of the Dark Army"
 Free the member of the town's High Council
   - From "Towne Prison" unlock/open cell, n,


Additional Notes[edit]

 a rod of lightning - Lev(18) Loc(hold) 7xBolt of Lightning
 a heavy oak staff - Lev(20) Loc(hold) 8xHarm -  AG