Spirited Heights

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Spirited Heights
Designer: Kathy/Vangroen
Rooms: 192
Re-Pop Time: 50 mins
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Directions to Zone[edit]

Explore Walkthrough[edit]

Explore Notes[edit]

 Exploration designer: Celylia
 Max XP: 15,000,000
 Suggested Level: 
 Eliminate the followers of the roc
   - kill 18 of "a follower of the roc" 
   - from n ent, they load in this area
   - se ent there is a trapdoor up with more followers 
 Defeat the fiery roc
   - from ent  3s all e kill "a fiery roc"
 Defeat the shadows
   - all s,e,2s,2w,2s,all w.  Shadows load here and all over the zone
   - kill 8 of A guardian of the shadows
 Clear the giant tarantulas from the forest
   - all s,e,2s,2w,2s,all w through 2 hidden exits, n,2w,n,w,n
   - kill 6 of "a giant tarantula"  
   - one loads from n ent, s,e,n,all e
 Obtain an ivory hoof of a zuriorein
   - from SE ent zuriorein load here and to the west
   - find "A graceful zuriorein doe" that has an ivory hoof, kill for hoof
 Reach the top of the stony path
   - 4s,w,all n,u,w,u,s,u,s,u,e,u,s,w to "A Stony Path",
 Harvest the power from the Gneiss
   - From "A Stony Path" n, kill Gneiss, 2s, d, follow the path down, Gneiss load in this area
   - kill 13 of "A Gneiss"          


Additional Notes[edit]