The Fandi Isle

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comps for sivilfandi shield:

1. furry mongoose tail - find 'aminga' in fandi, its mixed with all aggro mobs in the middle, none of them can get to the perimeter, they break traps, there is weak mobs around the perimeter, charm 8 weak mobs, lure aminga to the corner (like 1s,1e of nw corner) sr it in onlying sring 2 sr's based on the fact it cant get to the perimeter.(sr's would be s,e,s from nw corner, and s,e,e) . then sanc your form, put one type of mob in front row, go engage, then unform the other 5 mobs using different kw, then while those 3 mobs tank, and the other 5 do damage, you have time to quickly get some more, once you get 2-4 more, go back, use your macro to order follower kill aminga, then unform them all (macro?) then run and get more 1 at a time as fast as you can and build them up on the mob faster than the mob kills them. the mob will flee if sr's fall, so get form first, lure, then sr, then engage, and get mobs from ne corner so when u gotta be fast theres mobs charmables right beside the combat room. after you ice it, search corpse.

2. ring of molars, off sherddu . same as above.

3. moonstone : fly celest, from AT, go 2e,d,n,3e,s,2e,n, illusionary 1e is a dragon, go e, sr dragon room, lure mobs out, then sr 1w of dragon, then lure mobs out, then get a friend and 2man it. it can be done with 2 eq'd eles and you ninja heal them. it procs hard. search corpse

4. lifeblood : same mob in celest - SEARCH CORPSE ice toren also while in celest if you want, just for eq, from at go 2e, north til u, 2u,1s, look toren

5. a broken ale bottle fly e'nat, go to at, recall, walk 1s, bs crykk dead, search corpse. or go find him and ice him.

6. the wand of the sand wizard watch time, this item can be got from 7pm to 8pm med time. ratio to real time is 2-3, so if its 12 hours away med time, it will be up in 8 hours. since fandi repops every 60min irl thats every 90min game-time, so if you DEPOP the zone at 6pm, then show up at 7pm, ice it before 7:30, it will repop and you can get 2 chances at wand. here is how wand is done: go to fandi walk n just into zone, then go 3e, and type 'enter castle' if its 7-8pm, if its not 7-8 u cant get in, if it turns to 8, you get booted out and if you sucked and used eles you lose the ele eq too. so once in castle, charm all mobs (7 fairy's, and sandii), then take them all to 1down from seendi [you can learn this area in 5 seconds run around - leave castle command gets you out btw] . then wear your mana mode, get full, and from 1d of seendi, order them all to rest, then order sandii to stand, then walk up, order sandii to engage seendi, then unform sandii, then go 1d, then rouse all, then 1u, order all mobs to attack seendi, then unform all those mobs, then flee, 1u, and spam heal sandii, cure blind it and shit take care of it using glance/stand/rest until seendi is dead. if sandi gets low it even starts healing, plus you healing, try not to let it heal for long if it runs outa mana it doesnt attack and if you couldnt heal it when it was healing itself you prob cant heal it when its outa mana. again, mage/cle should beable to spam heal it and afk, thi/war wear mana, dont engage, theres alot of mobs doing alot of damage, just be a good caretaker.