The Hidden Village of Aeketh

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The Hidden Village of Aeketh
Designer: Desultir/Vryce/Numerous
Rooms: 135
Re-Pop Time: 18 mins
PK Type: NPK
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Directions to Zone[edit]

 Getting in: from ent, 2w,3n,w to "A Grassy Clearing"

Explore Walkthrough[edit]

Explore Notes[edit]

 Exploration designer: Damonius
 Max XP:15,000,000
 Suggested Level: 
 Discover the perils of riding a wullart
 - get a wullart's horn from the corpse of a tame wullart
 Wipe out the Wizard's minions
 -kill 16 of The mounted mercenary
 Vanquish the Wizard and save the village
 - from "Beneath the Branches of the D'Nar Jaell" all n,2e,s,all e, all s, all e, kill wiz
 Consult with the master mage
 - from "A Grassy Clearing" 4w,2n,u,n,
 Visit an Aekethi shrine
 -from "A Grassy Clearing" 4w,2n,5w to "Beneath the Branches of the D'Nar Jaell", 5s, u, s
 Pay a visit to the Chief's wife
 - from "Beneath the Branches of the D'Nar Jaell" all n,2e,s,u to "In a Larger Aekethi Treehouse",sear,s,to 
 Consult with the Chief
 - "In a Larger Aekethi Treehouse" kill Jundu for key "a dragons claw". d,n,all w,n,e,search,d


 - a pair of magical moccasins, made of wullart hide - Lev(21) Loc(feet) AC-ap(1) NoBits mana(35)
 Andiron (charmable)
 - feathers and beads braided into the hair - Lev(20) Loc(head) NoBits mana(23) int(2) Cond(pristine - 185 Days)
 - a fire necklace - Lev(0) Loc(neck) NoBits int(1) wis(1) Cond(pristine - 185 Days)
 - an amber silk cloak - Lev(14) Loc(neck) NoBits wis(-2) str(4) Cond(pristine - 185 Days)
 the Aekethi Chief
 - an amber silk cloak - Lev(13) Loc(neck) NoBits wis(-3) str(4) Cond(pristine - 185 Days)
 - The Aekethi Chief's magic dirk - Lev(22) Loc(wield) AC DAG BSER 6d4 AE hr(4) dr(2) Cond(pristine - 185 Days)
 The Wizard (The Wizard is prime evil itself.)
 - the Wizard's crystal ball - Lev(23) Loc(light) AG mana(35) con(3) Cond(pristine - 185 Days)
 - the Wizard's robe of human skin - Lev(23) Loc(about) AC-ap(1) AG mana(39) Cond(pristine - 185 Days)
 - a pair of wizard's leg plates - Lev(22) Loc(legs) AC-ap(10) NoBits mana(31) Cond(pristine - 185 Days)
 the servant
 -the warhammer of immortality - Lev(20) Loc(wield) AM AT AW 5d6 NoBits hr(5) mana(46) Cond(pristine - 185 Days)
 - a tight, fire red dress - Lev(0) Loc(body) NoBits Cond(pristine - 185 Days)
 Jandaly (charmable) 
 - a mastah-skin cape - Lev(21) Loc(neck) dr(2) mana(42)
 - a sapphire swallowtail engraved bracelet - Lev(18) Loc(wrist) mana(31) hr(3)
 - an amber silk cloak - Lev(13) Loc(neck) NoBits wis(-3) str(4) Cond(pristine - 185 Days)
 - Jundu's ring - Lev(18) Loc(fing) NoBits age(8) mana(49)
 - a dragon's claw - key
 The mounted mercenary
 - arm plates of the mercenary - Lev(19) Loc(arms) AC-ap(7) NoBits mana(27) Cond(pristine - 185 Days)
 a villager
 - a magical scout vest - Lev(17) Loc(body) AC-ap(3) NoBits con(2) hr(4)
 - an Aekethi bow - Lev(20) Loc(wield) AC 2H 1d6 missile by 2.0 NoBits str(2) Cond(pristine - 185 Days)
 - a silver scout dagger - Lev(16) Loc(throw) AC BSER 3d4 AE hr(2) dr(3) Cond(pristine - 185 Days)
 - a pair of camogreen boots - Lev(17) Loc(feet) AC-ap(3) NoBits hr(3) Cond(pristine - 185 Days)
 a tame wullart
 - a wullart's horn - Lev(19) Loc(wield) AM 9d4 NoBits Cond(pristine - 185 Days)
 - a pair of wullart claws - Lev(21) Loc(hands) AC-ap(2) NoBits mana(30) Cond(pristine - 185 Days)

Additional Notes[edit]