The Rhaiaden

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Done By: Algor

From entrance south till west then west follow path the south at intersection, then east

Alenus in cpk, must lure and trap ice him for key

Go to south east corner of CPK unlock GATES follow path south first intersection, yes for cpK find shoelonfor EQ, not key, ice if eq, after u kill/if nothing loads, go back to the intersection

from there follow path up, if mobs attack sandstorm em after going up u hit intersection go north ONCE, then east (if u go up 2x u leave zone) after going east follow path up tick once u hit cpk entrance

from here hado is up north north I suggest for hado u have 1 tank/1 healer/1 staver.. dont flee it hurts you.

Alternative Walk by Algor

From @ all south, follow path west, at an intersection, south, east, east exit to cpk should be south.

== Alenus ==

He is in anti-sneak cpk so you must lure and trap him, once you found. He is randomly found in cpk. Kill him for key.

= Sholaen =

Once you have key go to the south eastern part of cpk and unlock gates. From gates follow path until intersection. From intersection, south into cpk, all south, up, all south, west, all south, one of the hiddens is Sholaen. If he doesn have eq dont both with him, if he does trap and kill.


Up the Mountain


From that intersection to cpk, south, yes, west, follow path up. Once you are you of cpk you will be at Ontop of a Vertical Wall, then north (DO NOT go 2n, you will leave zone), east, and then follow path up to CPK (Below the Summit) Up from here is Hado. Get full etc once you hit cpk entrance. Up north north is hado i suggest one person tanks and other heals (if you have 2 people) if you have 3 people I suggest 1 tank, 1 healer, and 1 shockwaver. Try not to flee it will injure you.