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Explore Thunderhoume

Thunderhoume designed by Loviatar/Corax 25,000,000 Exploration designer: Celylia

1 - Recover the stolen goods from the master thief of Thunderhoume (ruby ring from Master Thief) 2 - Take down the dwarven guards (12) 3 - Defeat the dwarven clerics (5) one near entrance - (not "wounded ") 4 - Defeat the sentries in royal livery 5 - Eliminate the royal guard 6 - Take down the King's champion 7 - Defeat the high priest of Thunderhoume 8 - Defeat Konal Thunor, the dwarven kin

(dont bother killing dw. miners and workmen)

How to get the glimmering ruby ring.

Getting there is easy, but the actually mob is difficult. I suggest a group of 2-3 heroes, 2 fighting 1 healing. Of if you can't get any help, 2-3 elems will work, wording when you need to. The mob, master thief, is in a noflee room and is !backstab, which sux alot. So ummm like it'll kinda hard. Easier if u got mana though.

[Master Thief (ruby ring hr/dr) TW w n 3d w n 3d An Intersection search d e n 3e 2d 3-2n 3w all-n search d : Disp Plag use an ele stone to tank 'other wise solo its alot of hitting and fleeing and healing then hitting again]

Enter 19, fly thunderhoume (or phase) Enter @ 1n (c word takes u here), 3d, 1n, search, 4d, 1e, 1n, 3e, 2d, 2n, 3w, 3n, search down is thief, get prepared etc. and kill it. Make sure u look at it and see if it loaded ring. It loads quite often.

Dragon with Topaz scales: at the bottom of the Mine Shafts. from Master thief, up all-s all;w all-n then start going down from Arched: n e all-n d